Boom! ....A to Z Articles is Back.

Posted on Mar 10, 2016 by Administrator

Boom! ....A to Z Articles is Back.

It feels good to be back, to finally have the site back online. We have made a few changes and there are still more to come. Noticebaly you now post articles for free, however all articles are now vetted for quality before being published. There is now the addition of the GOLD package.

The gold package allows you to earn a share of the adsense revenue on this site when people look at your articles. So if you write a really useful article that helps people or is topical or intersting then you will attract more visitors and chances are earn more.. Of course you can publish as many as you want as long as the quality and content is there, no more outright sales pitches!

We no longer publish articles with links in the content as there is a link section when posting the articles. we think the changes are for the better and we think you will agree.

To celebrate our re-launch each month we will be awarding prizes for the best articles, so dont delay create your FREE account now and get fingers ready at the keyboard.

Thanks for reading.

Lee Harley,


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Prize Winner

Apr 6, 2016 by Administrator

As you know, if you didn't - you do now, each month we will select a random author to win a prize, it may be for  best content, most views, most earnings but it will certainly be random once all the enties get put into the hat. The lucky winner will win a $50 prize... Continue reading →