10 Tips To Begin an Enjoyable Vacation

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A vacation is always the most awaited time of the year. Whether you’re planning it with your friends, family or alone, it’s something that keeps you excited a long time before you even start it. With your flights and hotel booked, you may miss out on some documents, some essential accessories or booking airport transfers. In Gold Coast we witness such instances regularly.

Being a company for airport transfers in Gold Coast and Brisbane, we meet a lot of people and understand the problems they usually face while traveling.

Here are 10 tips for you from our airport transfers experts in Gold Coast to have a more enjoyable vacation, even before it begins:

List the requirements
Make a list of all the essentials you’ll need during the vacation, everything you want to complete or hand over while you’re out and things that you may have to attend to while on a vacation (if urgent). Once your list is ready, you can start with getting the tasks done.

Pack the essentials in one bag
Pack your clothes, towels, shoes and flip-flops in one bag so that it remains handy. Packing clothes in groups like all shirts together, pants together, shoes together, makes it easier to find what you need quickly while unpacking on the vacation. Also, weigh your bags before you get to the airport according to the rules of the airlines.

Save space for holiday purchases
Whether it’s the holiday souvenirs or duty free goods from the airport, holiday shopping is inevitable. It’s best to save some room in your bags for bringing back some vacation mementos while returning without increasing the number of bags.

Use hand luggage for valuables
It’s rare to lose luggage in air travel, but to stay safe, carry all your important documents, cash, credit cards, adapters and expensive accessories in a hand luggage.

Always carry a first aid kit
Always carry a first aid kit that has all the basics including bandages, ointment, pills for headache, fever, upset stomach and other regular ailments. Though self-medication is never recommended, still it’s always good to have some medicines handy while you travel.  If you’re already following a prescription, make sure to take some extra of it while travelling.

Carry limited liquids
It’s best to carry limited liquids in the hand luggage when traveling. According to baggage restrictions, all liquids carried in hand luggage must be up to 100 ml per item, and should be carried in a small resealable transparent bag. All the other larger liquids must be packed with the checked-in baggage.

Avoid sharp accessories
Whether it’s a pair of scissors, Swiss army knife, or a nail filer, it’s best to avoid carrying them while traveling by air. They’re prohibited and airport staff may insist on getting rid of them. Even if it’s necessary, pack all such sharp objects in the checked-in luggage.  

Check the weather forecast
Try to always plan your trip according to the weather. You cannot deny the fact that the weather of your holiday destination decides a lot about the fun you can expect to have on your trip. It’s advised to always check the weather forecast in advance so that you have the best idea of the activities you can do while on the vacation and can also customize your packing accordingly.

Duties back home
Make sure that if you have plants or pets, somebody responsible enough is given a duty to take care of them while you’re on the vacation. Don’t forget to leave them with an emergency contact in the city and your own contact details, for any urgent requirement.

Book airport transfers
Last but not the least, it’s best to book the airport transfer beforehand to head start an enjoyable and relaxed vacation. You can book a trip with door to door service via our airport transfers in Gold Coast or our Brisbane airport transport.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab on to your checklist, get all your tasks completed and pack your bags and leave for your much awaited vacation.

Call Us today to book an airport transfer or direct transfer.

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