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In 1995, Dr. Charles R. Anderson founded Anderson Materials Evaluation, Inc. in order to offer high-quality materials problem-solving laboratory services to a wide range of customers, especially those of the private sector.

Anderson Materials Evaluation, Inc. offers a broad spectrum of materials analytical services to help you shoulder the burdens of materials development and characterization, process and product development, quality control, and failure analysis. We also provide research, consultative, and expert witness services. We collaborate with you to help develop goal-directed solutions to your metal, semiconductor, glass, polymer, inorganic and organic chemical, ceramic, composite, mineral, and contaminant material problems. We can simply perform an assigned analysis. Alternatively, we are delighted to discuss the background of your problem, help you define the tasks necessary to address your problem, produce the needed analysis, and discuss the solution pathway elucidated by the analytical results obtained. After solving or better identifying the problem, we may suggest longer-term R & D for greater benefits.


Anderson Materials Evaluation, Inc.

9051 Red Branch Road, Suite C

Columbia, Maryland 21045-2103

Phone: (410) 740-8562

Toll Free: (866) 350-8882

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