The Budget Wrestling Between WordPress And Squarespace: Who Will Win?

by George Young on Jan 31, 2019 Technology 88 Views

There was a time building a website was a daunting and expensive task. First; you had to find the professional web designer and developer then, spend hours to make them understand what you actually expect from your online website and once your website is ready to go, you would still need to go through a long process to make the required changes in the near future. But thanks to emerging technology, things have changed from good to better. Now, you can easily create your business website without any help with the content management system. CMS as the majority of the people call it to allow you to create the website without having any knowledge about the coding and scripting. Thus, even someone from the non-technical field can easily create his own business website.

When it comes to choosing the right CMS development framework majority of the searchers to find themselves at lost as there is a number of CMS options available in the market. Two most popular CMS platforms are WordPress and SquareSpace. Now, the question is what would you choose among these two platforms? The below article is about to answer this question by representing the fair comparison among the WordPress and SquareSpace.

The Fair Comparison Between WordPress and SquareSpace

Budget: WordPress vs. SquareSpace

WordPress has a reputation among the developers for providing reliable and open-source platform to design featured filled blogs and websites. The platform has a number of free designating templates and themes specially designed to suit the niche industry. You only have to pay if you want to go live or buy a hosting to become easily accessible from anywhere around the globe. There are three different hosting plans to choose from namely VPS, dedicated server, and shared hosting. So, website owners can choose according to their budget. Creating a website on the WordPress is cost-effective but you have to pay to keep it alive and running.

SquareSpace, on the other hand, offer the users a personal plan filled with all the required features need to go live. Apart from the basic infrastructure it also includes the resources that are necessary to make your website live. The SquareSpace plan starts from the $8 which is almost nothing when compared to the hosting plans of the WordPress. However, there is one difference when it comes to resources. If you choose the $8 plan then, it will allow you to add only up to 20 pages, 2 contributors to interfere and one blog. Is there no hope like WordPress development solutions? Yes, there is but it comes with the price. The premium plan comes at the $16 that allows users to add up to 20 products and enjoy unlimited space. In case if it is not enough for you then, you can take buy a new plan at $24.

When it comes to choosing the plan in SquareSpace it can overboard your budget. On the other side, WordPress allows you to choose your own hosting according to your budget. As a conclusion WordPress is the budget-friendly CMS development framework.  



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