Tips to Enhance Your Website's User Experience

by George Young on Jan 23, 2019 Technology 84 Views

In the current marketing situation, a well-optimised website has become the tool you need to survive. It is the like a salesman that sells products and services the only difference is it serve 24*7. This means you can earn money through the website even in your sleep. Sounds great, right? The truth is the website has the potential to become the most powerful asset that can deliver the great results to your business.

However, the ever-changing website design trends can make your website look old and outdated. While sometimes it is wise to redesign your website but you may not have the time or money to do it. It is true that the dull and boring website lacks a good user experience design but that doesn’t mean you will put all your resources at the stake to hire website design service. To resolve this issue, we have prepared the list of simple ways that can improve the appearance of your website along with the user experience.

Tips to Improve the Website Design and User Experience

 Before landing on the tips to improve your website design, it is necessary to understand that your website is the anchor of all your digital marketing efforts. Designing a website with the great user experience require the proper understanding of the problems visitors have to face while going through the entire website.

Learn how to use the white space

On more than one occasion, experts have noticed visitors complaining about the white space in the design like how dull, boring and unused it looks. However, it is essential to add the space to highlight the design. The white space makes the content more noticeable while enabling users to solely focus on the elements around the written text. The white space makes your website appear more open, fresh and modern.

If you are adding lots of content then adding too much white space may overtake some important details. The key is to find the right combination to maintain the balance on your website. 

Optimise the page speed

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow loading website. Online marketing is changing fast with the ongoing technologies. Gone are the days when there were only 4 to 5 options were available in the market for the customers. Along with increasing options, the patience level of the customers starts getting thinner. So, if they don’t find the desired information within the given time, they are more likely to bounce from the website. 

To decrease the page loading time, you can start with compressing all the images before loading them on the website. The heavy image files are the primary cause behind the slow page speed and compressing them would surely make a difference.  

Segment key information with bullet points

The bullet points in the website enable visitors to have an overview of the entire web content. This way, they can quickly get the information they wish to have to resolve the problem. The segments and bullet points make the propositions more attractive and enable users to get all the information they need.

In the end, the mentioned points are just the drops in the sea of opportunities.



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