How to Make Your Website Load Faster

by William John on Sep 7, 2018 Technology 170 Views

In this fast pacing world, everyone is growing out of the patience for such people nothing is more frustrating than a slow pacing website. Today, everyone is looking for a way to get his or her hands on products and services through fastest way possible. Due to this the demand of website designing service has drastically increased. In case, if you still think that website speed is not important then, you might be losing lots of potential customers. 

As per the recent marketing survey, the one-second delay in the page loading time can result in 14 per cent fewer page visitors and 7 per cent conversion loss. So, now you can understand how few extra seconds can leave a huge customer threating effect on your website. This means you must have a website that load faster- not only to rank higher in the Google but stay ahead to your competitors with the high-profit margin. Here are some tips to make your website load faster.

1.    Improve your hosting plan

One of the easiest way to increase the speed of your website is switch your website hosting from shared to private. It has been often seen most of the website owners go for the shared hosting as it is the cheapest solution but as the website grow further with usage and content, they get slower and slower. You can easily resolve this by improving your website hosting plan.

2.    Optimize your website images, and videos internet-friendly

Website images and videos are the basic website elements that make a huge impact on the website speed. The larger your website images, content, banners or video will be the slower the site you may get. So, if you want to increase the speed of your website then start by shrinking down your images. You can eliminate unnecessary images, videos and keep only those who are really important. But a website without creative images, video and gif may look boring, right? So, you want to keep them and increase the website speed at the same time then you can hire website designing service or one of the following

•    Reduce the quality of the image to lighten up the overall burden

•    Compress the picture to increase the efficiency of image data

•    Crop the image to cut down unnecessary area and make it shorter

3.    Minimize HTTP request

According to the Google around 80 per cent of the page loading time is spent on downloading different part of the website such as images, scripts, stylesheets, etc. Creating an HTTP request for each of these elements can reduce the overall page loading time.

To minimize the request, you can use Google Chrome's developer tool to find out how much requests your website made on the average basis then work accordingly to reduce it.

In case if it already feels tiring to go through all these processes then you can visit Qdexi Technology to hire website designing service at an affordable price.



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