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If you are from Southwest Louisiana and you would like some bedding plants in your lawn, you need to select the plants that are best suited to the terrain and the climate. This can be hard without the help of professional landscape and lawn maintenance services. Call us on 337-313-3002 and we will help you select the best bedding plants for that season.

Spring is the best time for you to plant warm season bedding plants so that you can enjoy them in full bloom between April and October.

What are bedding plants?

Bedding plants are planted close together and because they have dense leafage and bloom, when they eventually do bloom, they create the most exciting burst of color in your garden or lawn. They are short, close to the ground and their bloom lasts a long time, mostly throughout the growing season.

To create dense colors that will stand out, you will need to buy or grow heavy mix of flowers. More plants could mean that you will pay more for your selection. Tender Care’s landscape maintenance team ensures that you get the best value for your money. We will make sure that every plant in the collection that you choose counts.

Some bedding plants only do good in cold weather while some thrive in warm weather. Without the assistance of lawn maintenance services, you may not know the right bedding plants to choose for your lawn.

Toiling on the soil in the summer heat can be devastating especially if you do not have the right tools for it. Preparing a bed requires proper tools, soil analysis, mulch, and other professional services to get the best outcome. In summer, the soil dries out fast. Professional landscaping services will be able to advise you appropriately on the best watering schedule to keep the plants properly nourished all the time.

It is important that you choose plants whose color will pop out so that they can complement the other colors already available on the lawn. In addition, you need plants that can provide dense cover so that they can stand out from the rest of the lawn. That way, even if you need to incorporate some art such as crafting works with the bedding plants, it will be easy.

Why get professional landscape and lawn maintenance services for your bedding plants?

Bedding plants require good care, and for them to thrive, they have to be planted in soil that’s well drained and rich in various nutrients. Otherwise, the plants may not form the perfect canopy that you were looking forward to. They might not bloom properly and worse, they may not even see the light of the day when they should bloom.

To create the perfect impression, you will need many types of flowers with bold colors, but they have to be coordinated. Whether it is pansies, ageratum, alyssum, lobelia, or cosmos, our professional team will analyze the soil in your lawn to see what types of flowers can grow best.  

You also want to avoid mixing the colors too much and you can do this by avoiding the use of too many bedding plants in your garden. It requires a professional eye with many projects under the belt to determine just the right plants to grow that complement each other, thus creating an exciting color block to last you throughout the growing season.

Soil preparation is paramount

The health of the soil will determine the health of your bedding plants. That is why lawn service companies do not take chances with soil preparation. The soil requires to be turned to a depth of about 8 inches or more, then organic matter should be mixed thoroughly with fertilizer, and then the bed has to be raised above the ground to 8 inches.

If the soil is too heavy, for example, in areas that have clay soil, you need to make the bed bigger by adding more garden soil or buy top soil from the stores. All purpose fertilizer is good and should be mixed very well with the organic matter.

The soil has to be analyzed to determine the nutrients that it needs, pH balancing and so on. Mostly we encourage lawn owners to grow plants that are native to their area because such have good defense against the local pests, insects and elements.

Should you germinate your seedlings or buy transplants?

Many people prefer buying ready transplants but if you have the time, you can grow your own seedlings and then transplant them when the time is right. Growing your own seedlings enables you to choose the bedding plants that you want and you have control over the growing process. You can even grow plants that are not available in the local nurseries.

Depending on the timing, at TCLS, our landscape and lawn services team can advise you on when to buy or to start your own nursery.  You may even be able plant the seeds directly in the area where you want them to grow without needing to transplant.

Landscape maintenance services will ensure perfect lawn balance

A professional team follows five important factors for landscaping and design. These are color, form, line, texture, and scale. Every bedding plant is going to be placed in the right place where it will have the best effect. Landscaping companies know how to create a perfect balance in your lawn as every bedding plant added will work in tandem with the trees, grass, shrubs, perennials, biennials, and annuals in the yard. We ensure that there will be a good balance in your yard.

Bedding plants make the lawn look great, but they take some work. Thankfully, this is something that we have lots of experience with at TCLS, in addition to offering other services like grass cutting services and regular lawn maintenance services.

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