Donald Trump - Why??

by Guest on Apr 21, 2016 Politics 671 Views

I was watching the TV and somehow got side tracked from my usual intake of Sci-Fi and wasted 30 minutes watching a newscast about Donald Trump and his success in the US.

Speaking with a friend in the UK, I found that the British see Trump as a bit of a joke, a step backwards for American progress and development. I believe that I lot of people on home soil share this view too.

What scares me is that there are so many disconnected white middle aged adults in the US that seriously think Trump is the answer. When feelings and emotions are stirred it is easy to take advantage and spin the situation to your advantage. This is what Trump is doing and he is very good at it.

For example - A Mexican company takes over a local business makes people redundant to cut costs but then employs cheaper foreign labor to build up the work force, you could understand that some people may feel anger towards these foreign workers and the new owners. 

Get a few people in a similar position, form a group and now you have a group of people with a common cause. No longer just one angry man or woman but a group of men and or women,  next this group decides to take action and before you know it there is a protest march, where does it stop?  It is proven that people behave differently when in a group than on their own. All it takes is one motivated individual with their own agenda to encourage the group and you could have a movement, or a society that sets out to prevent companies employing foreign employees. Next thing you know they will want to deport all foreign workers.

As crazy as that may sound it does happen. The example I used is a fairly loosely constructed one but it works. In America there is unemployment, crime, financial pressure, and we all know life can be tough. All you need is someone clever enough to recognize this and appear to be the solution.

Are you pissed off? Here let me help you to not feel this way. Let me give you your job back!

Essentially Trump is putting himself on a pedestal and acting as if he can be the one that will look after the interests of the ordinary man and women. How many ordinary people did Trump climb over to get where he is today?  I don't like the idea of them and us but that what Trump appears to be doing. He has identified with a large group of people and is using their frustration to build a political engine. Sure all politicians are manipulative bastards but Trump, is scary!

The question I ask, has he gone too far?
Will he turn the US into an international joke?


I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below.

Barry Willsey. Concerned Citizen





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