You Cannot Afford to Ignore These Five Causes of Male Infertility

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It is not easier for men to admit that they are facing fertility issues. But when these issues affect men, they have the power to crumble even the strongest of men across the globe. In the old days, men were not ready to accept the fact that they are struggling with fertility issues. Change is in the vicinity and men are coming forward to seek help in order to fight off with infertility issues. However, lack of awareness is the major reason for many being refrains from getting treated.

In many cases, a man is clueless about what has caused his sexual health to behave this way. This article is for all men out there searching for the right answer. It is our humble effort to put in the top causes of male infertility. Read further to know more.


This could be the least heard factor amongst all other listed below. In this condition, the vein in the scrotum swells and enlarges in structure. This condition affects the quality of the sperms leading to decrease in number and reduced mobility which further leads to infertility issues in men.

Low Sperm Count

It is one of the most common causes of male infertility. A sperm count for normal person should be 20 million sperms per one milliliter of seminal fluid. If your tests results are showing figures less than 10 millions sperms per one milliliter, your chances of being infertile increase.

Abnormal Shape and Motility of Sperm

Motility is an ability of sperm to swim across the fluid to reach awaiting egg. This is a unique ability which helps sperms to survive during the journey. However, a few men have sperms with reduced motility and their shape is abnormal.

Abnormal Testicular Development

A few men are born with abnormal testicles which makes them infertile. The sole reason for this condition to occur is generic. This type of sexual issue runs in the family. Abnormally developed testicles cause low sperm count along with low levels of testosterone - a male sexual hormone. These two can affect your fertility level. 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Not all but a few can cause fertility issues. Some of the STDs like Chlamydia and gonorrhea cause infertility in males. These often block the passageway of sperms making it extremely difficult to release sperms into the vaginal area. One must get treated for these infections. And of course, prevention is better than cure.

Never forget about erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, these conditions are also responsible for male infertility. But you can get rid over the ED and PE with the help of Super P force.

The above-mentioned causes of male infertility are the most commonly found and they need to be addressed on time. Getting timely treatment for the root causes often gives the best results. You should know that every dark cloud has a silver lining and you can get rid of infertility issues with early diagnosis.



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