Men's Issues: 5 products that reduce the production of testosterone

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Testosterone is a product of the adrenal cortex, moreover, its male produce special cells located in the testes and female - in the ovaries. Yes, a small amount of this hormone in women there. The hormone has been actively involved in the formation of male secondary sexual characteristics; its concentration determines the intensity of spermatogenesis and sexual behavior of boys. When insufficient testosterone production hormone balance in the body is shifted toward male preponderance of female sex hormones - estrogens (which are also present in men). As a result, reduced libido, obesity occurs on the female type (fat mostly on the abdomen and hips), increased breast cancer, reduced body hair face and body.

Testosterone deficiency in the male may be result of disease, but it may also cause errors in the diet. We will introduce readers to the foods that can cause disorders of the male hormonal levels.


Table salt - the main source of sodium and chloride. Both elements are necessary for the body to maintain the water-salt balance. Moreover, without a certain amount of sodium impossible normal functioning of the nervous system (it is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses). Its deficiency leads to disruption of blood plasma. Chlorine enters the composition of bile, its drawback hinders the liver. The rate of the daily salt intake for adults - 10-15 g Considering that almost all products are subjected to industrial processing (bread and bakery products, sausages, meat and fish cooking, canned food, etc...), already contain salt daily consumption of this product in pure form are advised to reduce to 5-7, the salty lovers threaten the problem: it is proved that the excess sodium inhibits the production of testosterone.


Among the representatives of the stronger sex many a sweet tooth. This is partly explained by the fact that men often perform heavy physical work, glucose they need for a quick recuperation. However, it does not follow that the body needs "fuel" is removed from the refined sugar. The fact that each episode ends with the use of sugar a sharp rise in blood glucose levels. To compensate for the imbalance, the body rushes to throw the blood dose of insulin, which hinders the production of testosterone. It is necessary to take into account the fact that in the absence of the heavy loads of the body does not have time to spend a significant part of the "fast" calories and converts them to the reserve as fat. When reduced testosterone level is high risk of body fat, and the fat itself helps produce estrogen, further confounding hormones. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to limit the use of pure sugar to 6 teaspoons a day, to abandon confectionery and sugary drinks, preferring the natural glucose sources - fruits, berries and honey.


Caffeine has the ability to bind testosterone, but the main danger of excessive consumption of coffee is not the point. Together with caffeine (which, incidentally, is rapidly degraded in the body) in the liquid during cooking natural ground coffee passes 19% of the components of the original product, many of which provoke the production of estrogen. If you use instant coffee (even those of its varieties, which are almost without caffeine), the proportion of these substances increases to 45-50%. Therefore, to maintain a normal level of sexual activity in a man must limit the consumption of natural coffee and completely abandon the soluble beverage options.

Fast Food and semi-finished products

Fast food outlets with a diverse assortment of burgers, sandwiches and the like eatables attract many working men. Conveniently midday snack on the go, and in the evening do not spend a long time cooking, using semi-finished products, which only need to warm up. Unfortunately, the majority of fans of fast food, sooner or later to make sure the health hazards of such power. Semi-finished products (as fast food is prepared only from the semi-finished products) are supersaturated substances that suppress the production of testosterone: salt, "fast" carbohydrates, animal fats. In addition, fast-food chains in an effort to maximize profits, its products flavored flavors that change the eating habits of man. Lover of burgers and pizza just these dishes seem attractive, and other food - fresh and tasteless. The result of regular meals fast food (especially with a lack of physical activity, typical of modern city dwellers) usually become overweight and hormonal shift unfavorable to sexuality.

Fat milk

Among adult men meet fans, ready to drink up to six liters of cow's milk daily. In such volumes of this product is harmful. Whole milk contains a number of hormones, on the effects on the human body similar to female estrogen. Representatives of the stronger sex is not recommended to use more than 500 ml of milk per day, in order to avoid violation of hormonal background.

Errors in the diet can seriously affect the production of testosterone male body. Fortunately, with this factor in each person can manage on their own. It should be just in time to keep track of negative habits, to adjust their menus and try to stick to the rules developed, not too often succumbing to the temptations of food.

Keep an eye on your health and you do not have to buy medicines for the treatment of diseases.



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