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Vitagen Labs is one of the leading Vitamin Manufacturers across the New York area. Our stock formulas provide an easy, affordable way to launch into the successful dietary supplement business. Life today can be so stressful and hectic that we do not get enough time to nourish ourselves with a proper diet, making it essential to balance the deficiencies with vitamin supplements. To cater to the growing needs of pharmaceutical companies, our services at Vita-gen Labs started advanced vitamin manufacturing to assist our clients in achieving their nutrition brand goals affordably.

Make Your Product with Most Trusted Vitamin Manufacturer.

We expertly manufacture a variety of perfect vitamin products. Our commitment consists of client satisfaction using the best techniques and finest ingredients while providing on-time delivery of the products. We have chosen manufacturing of Nootropics and Collagen products to address general health and wellness. We are dedicated to manufacturing the best possible vitamin products with high quality machineries and technically skilled workforce. Our team is constantly working to better our equipment speed, equipment quality, and equipment versatility. While Nootropics manufacturing we always focus on quality of the ingredients to do very well for our partners. We keep doing research on how nutrients need to work with each other.


Top quality Collagen Products Manufacturers & suppliers in New York!


Vita-gen Labs is one of the fastest growing labs focused on manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations in the state. We follow good manufacturing practices and are a choice of professionals and well-known vitamin suppliers as our all the products are time-tested.

Protein manufacturing is one of the most demanded supplement manufacturing services because of the popularity of high protein diets. Our premiere protein manufacturing services has helped grow many companies and produce quality supplements for their brand.

 As a private labelsupplement manufacturer, we are bound to providing superb client service. Our vision is to support our partners with the latest innovations and to become a global leader as a manufacturer of private label supplements.


Get your product packaged and labeled here, we focus on building your business!


Our expert graphic designers design and print the right labels to strengthen your marketing. We have had tremendous success in highlighting the products that are continuously entering the market.

A point of pride and an example of the first-class services we offer is the fact that our clients keep coming back for industry guidance and manufacturing. We are determined to keep it that way.

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VITA-gen Labs is the premier custom and private label supplement manufacturers. We provide superior customer service. VITA-gen Labs is the best for vitamin manufacturers, protein manufacturer, whey protein manufacturers and softgel manufacturers.



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VITA-gen Labs

VITA-gen Labs

VITA-gen Labs is the premier custom and private label supplement manufacturers. We provide superior customer service. VITA-gen Labs is the best for protein manufacturer, whey protein manufacturers and softgel manufacturers. Contact today for wholesale vitamin suppliers and manufacturers service.

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