How to preserve vitamins in food?

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In order to provide the body with adequate amounts of vitamins, it is important to know not only what foods are rich in one way or another vitamin, but also how to keep these essential food components.

Various factors - boiling, freezing, drying, lighting and many others have a differential impact on different groups of vitamins.

Least of all persistent vitamin is vitamin C, which begins to break down when heated to 60 ° C. air access, sunlight, humidity increase contributing to the destruction of this vitamin. Vitamin A is more resistant to high temperatures, but is readily oxidized under air.

Vitamin D can withstand prolonged boiling in an acid medium and in alkaline rapidly destroyed.

B vitamins are slightly destroyed when cooked. Most of them are unstable - Vitamin B1 which decomposes on prolonged boiling and increasing the temperature to 120 C.

Least of all was "afraid" of high temperature vitamin E - it can withstand boiling any duration.

Vitamin B2 is extremely sensitive to light, and vitamin A - to ultraviolet rays.

Long term storage and drying detrimental effect on vitamins A, C, but not destroy vitamins D, E, B1, B2.

It is recommended to store products with no access to air and light (in sealed containers and opaque), in a dry and cool place (the refrigerator, dry cellar), try to avoid mechanical damage of the product. The smaller the storage period, the naturally remain more vitamins. Culinary processing should also be carried out with minimal exposure to air, light, liquid, avoiding high-temperature. Repeated heating food in an open pan detrimental effect on vitamins.

The most widely used in food products include dairy products. When storing milk in glass bowl light destroys vitamin C and B2. Boil the milk in a pot with the lid open significantly reduces the content of vitamins. Prolonged and repeated especially boiling destroyed significant amounts of vitamin A.

Meat Products (fresh beef, lamb, veal, pork) is recommended to boil in salted water to which they should be put after boiling water. Thus, on the meat surface due to coagulation of proteins formed a crust that prevents the loss of nutrients and vitamins. This crust is formed and grilled meat. Long retain the B vitamins in the meat it is possible by freezing at -20 ° C. When freezing fish vitamins are preserved. Frozen fish should be prepared immediately after thawing, as then, it quickly deteriorates.

The eggs contain vitamins B1, B2, A, D and PP. These vitamins are resistant to heat treatment and retained during cooking.

Often used in food products are vegetables and herbs. Content of vitamins in vegetables and greens depends on their growing conditions, methods of storage and cooking. So, tomatoes growing in shaded areas contain less vitamin C than tomatoes ripened in the sun.

In order to keep the vitamins (in particular vitamin C), contained in fruits and green, it is necessary to process them correctly.

Clean and chop the vegetables and herbs you need shortly before the preparation of their respective dishes. When cooking vegetables should be put into the boiling liquid (water or broth), and not in the cold to reduce the loss of vitamin C. Put in boiling water peeled potatoes lost approximately 20% of vitamin C, and dipped in cold water - up to 40%. Potatoes, which is brewed in the skin, vitamin C loses less than potatoes, boiled purified. Potatoes cooked in their skins, saves up to 75% of vitamin C. Vitamin C is better preserved with fried potatoes in butter. A lot of vitamin C is lost when preparing mashed potatoes, boiled peas and green beans, legumes.

In conclusion, a few words about vitamin preparations. They definitely need to be stored in a cool place protected from direct sunlight, in a tight-fitting, preferably light-proof packaging. There is no need to keep the vitamins in the refrigerator, unless you live in the desert. After opening the container, which are packed vitamins, they can be used for a maximum of 12 months.



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