Main reasons for relationship broken between couples

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Marriage life is an amazing thing and stage in the human being life. It makes the man and woman into more happy and also shaping them into a perfect person in this society. But unfortunately many of the marriage relationship is broken due to some of the important reasons. I want to mention that reasons in this article

 Main reasons for relationship broken


Ego is the dangerous one, it collapse the whole relationship life in a single minute. It makes the bitterness between the couples. If both of them are not speaks with each other’s freely, and then, they are getting a divorce or break their relationship life. This ego problem is starting on some of the things, they are salary, asserts, body color, fitness and health related things.

Sexual problem

This is the most important thing; couples must understanding with each other. It will make them into happier, if they understand with each other; otherwise, it will burst the relationship within a few days. Yes, commonly men are suffering with two types of sexual health issues. One is erectile dysfunction and anther one is premature ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction

 This is the common health issues arriving in the men relationship life after crossing the age of 40 and above. Sometimes, it will enter into the men life at the age stage of 30 or below. This health issue is not allowing the couples to enjoying the relationship hours, commonly men are not getting the erection in their reproductive organ. It will make more stress and depression. Some men are getting lack of interested in their relationship life. Few men are using the Sildenafil citrate 100mg pills to clear this health issues, Some of them are following the natural remedies to cure this problem.

Lack of orgasms

This is the one type of relationship problem; mainly this problem is facing by the women. Yes, most of the women are not getting the fine orgasms, and they want to stay in the orgasms for more hours. They need that thing for several times, but unfortunately they are not getting that thing in a correct time and another thing they are feel very pain in their private parts.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a one type of sexual health issue; in the premature ejaculation health issue, it will allow a man to get an erection. It will loss the sexual feeling very shortly by fast ejaculation of semen’s during the sexual intercourse hour; So mainly it will affect the sexual pleasure between the couples during the relationship hour in bed. A man normally takes approximately 7 to 8 minutes for ejaculates the semen’s during the sexual intercourse hours; but if a man suffering with PE problem, he will ejaculates the semen’s within 1 to 2 minutes.

This problem raises the negative impact between the couples and makes the stress between both of them. Most of the time, women are getting disappointed due to the poor performance of their partner in the bed during the sexual intercourse time. But this problem is skipped by following the medical treatment-Super p force for men, and using the condom during the sexual intercourse hours.


The above mention things are the reasons for the relationship broken in the couple’s life, but it will overcome by following the mutual understanding and talk with each other freely. Both of them are taking counseling with the health expert, psychiatrist and doctor, because it will be supports to avoid the physical and mental health issues. Following the healthy food diets and doing simple exercise will be gives better results in a man sexual life.



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