How to Lose your weight in a Month

by Daniel James on Jun 9, 2018 Health and Fitness 238 Views

How to lose your weight in a month is a question that generally rises in your mind. When we attend some important wedding and function and every one pass the complement our way. A month is not enough for lose the weight but you can lose your weight in a month if you read this article. It gives you many things that can be help on lose your wait.

You thing do you have only one month to lose your weight, Is this enough time to take transform your body lose. Yes if you follow the steps and rules you can defiantly lose your weight. now if you can maintain your diet and take rest properly. You can lose around 2 to 5 pound. There is the sole reason to lose your weight.

There is little point that you focus on:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Time duration of worked
  • Sleep duration
  • Yoga
  • Make time chart

When you can use some Painkiller and pills for lose the weight but it lose only 1 pond in a month. It is because of that you use some pills and it generally drops your calorie and your body does not take fat that time. Firstly you don’t use some oily food and fast food, when I suggest you’re that you can also use water intake almost 5 liter in a day because water intake is the best process to lose weight at the time of month. Now from the day you can firstly take some water and get fresh out, after daily process you walk at least 1 hour in a day after that going for exercise and take some time for that and doing some extra work out on the time of exercise.

When you apply this rules like diet and exercise, the start the lose your weight. It is the best way to do that water intake. It is enough to proven fact. When the body is dehydrated, it retakes water in the body. It also cause to decrease you weight at the time. You can take green tea per day 3 to 5 cup, according to doctor it contain compound EGCG, which is help in decrease the fat. The important thing is you take water after 30 minutes of food, it will surprise for you because it will help you at reduce the weight.

Dieting is not much important but the eating is important for human being, first you can make your entire list what you can eat, avoid oily and junk food because it increase weight. Do not use white rice, pasta, sugar, and flour. You can use a little bit in a day carbohydrate especially carbohydrate easily digest and increase in fat version. One thing is never skip meals and take your breakfast on time. Every bit you can chew at least 40 minutes. Use green vegetable and fruits; avoid dairy milk and other market item.   

Exercise at least must include 60 minutes per day of this month. Fitness is the key of slim and trim.  Do some sets of extra exercise at this time. Avoid long sitting for long time. Then you can see your weight almost change at this month.

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