Fitness Goals to Keep You Motivated in The Gym - Tips From a Personal Trainer Portland

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For some, motivation in their fitness routine is just there. They don’t have to have something they’re working towards to drive them, it just comes naturally. For others, having an event to work to prepare for, brings life and enthusiasm to their fitness routine. In my early years of exercising, I couldn’t have been more motivated, but as the years go by, even as a personal trainer Portland, it seems to take a little more to keep my drive high. Having something that I’m working towards keeps me more engaged and feeling good about what I’m doing. Working to accomplish something gives the gym more purpose. If you are someone who likes that extra push, here are some ideas you could work to accomplish in the future, to motivate you in the gym today!

Half or Full Marathon

As a personal trainer, I get a lot of people coming to me looking for help to prepare them for some kind of a fitness event. And no other event is more popular than a half or full marathon. For many casual runners, a half/full marathon has quietly been on their to-do list, and when the itch becomes too strong not to scratch, finding someone who can guide them through the process is helpful. I’ve seen first hand how pumped up and excited people can get when they are training to run their longest distance ever, and the positive effect of accomplishing that run!

Long Hike or Summiting a Mountain Peek

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you enjoy casual hikes and beautiful views but have never taken it to the next level, setting a goal to conquer a long distance hike or summit a mountain peak could be life-changing. I’ve dabbled in Mountain climbing myself, and have known others who are passionate about it. Long distance hikes and mountain climbing is incredibly physical and takes a lot of work to get in shape for, but man is it worth it. If you are looking for some added motivation in the gym, and love the outdoors, setting a goal to accomplish a long hike or summit a mountain peak will surely boost your motivation in the gym!

Learn Yoga

The importance of stretching is paramount, especially if you are consistently strength training. Unfortunately for many, stretching can be a little boring, and staying consistent can be quite the challenge. If you have struggled to stay consistent with your stretching routine, practicing yoga regularly can bring a new kind of motivation to doing the maintenance work our bodies yearn for!

Obstacle Course Race

Obstacle course races have become very popular over the past several years, and for good reason! If you enjoy running but want something a little more hands-on, no pun intended, an obstacle course race might be right up your alley. Obstacle course races take endurance, strength, balance, and all-around athleticism. With obstacles that involve crawling through mud, climbing over high walls, balancing across beams and more, preparing for such a race will ensure your prep-training regimen will have to diverse.

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