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by Eric Braverman on Nov 24, 2017 Health and Fitness 201 Views
Cottage Cheese - Good for What Stresses & Hurts You
Cottage cheese contains one whole gram of methionine, as well as tyrosine, per serving (1/2 cup). Methionine, an essential amino acid, in larger doses, may be effective in treating osteoarthritis and other kinds of chronic pain. It can also be a useful adjunct therapy for Parkinson's disease because it stimulates production of the pain-relieving L-dopa. Furthermore, taking methionine can help relieve the anxiety that comes with acutely stressful situations when taken in conjunction with tyrosine.
While I'm not supporting that you eat your way out of stress and anxiety, a little low-fat cottage cheese can go a long way. So if you find yourself "stressing" about what to have for lunch, cottage cheese is a great choice on a Younger (Thinner) You Diet.
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Eric Braverman MD is a Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Brandeis University and NYU Medical School, did brain research at Harvard Medical School, and trained at an affiliate of Yale Medical School. Dr. Braverman is acknowledged worldwide as an expert in brain-based diagnosis and treatment, and he lectures to and trains doctors in anti-aging medicine.



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