Foods That Should Be Avoided Before Going to Sleep

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There are many foods that you might consider to be perfect to satisfy late night hunger, but they actually are unhealthy to eat in the night. There are certain foods that you will need to avoid in the night in order to get a sound sleep. Sleeping for less than six hours every day can enhance your chance of health ailments like heart problems. Diet is one of the most things that can help you to get a proper night’s sleep. Below listed some foods that you should be avoided before going to sleep.

Red Meat

Although taking various meats is very beneficial for building muscles, having it just before going to bed will certainly keep you awake for a long time. Since red meat is packed with fat and essential proteins, its process of digestion can affect your sleep. Your body needs improved amount of your to energy to break the proteins down, which cannot be done when you are sleeping.

Dark Chocolates

To get a peaceful sleep, you should stay away of having dark chocolates before you go to bed. Dark chocolate containing high amount of sugar and antioxidants, which gives an instant energy boost and keep you wakeful. Additionally, it also has caffeine, which we all know can cause sleeplessness.

Ice Cream

Although most people finds ice cream to be a comforting food, it is suggested to avoid having it at going to bed. Your body wants lots of a time to burn fat that an ice cream contains, and going to bed just after having it will not provide it with a lot of time. Moreover, the sugar in an ice cream provides you with an energy boost, which is not perfect when you want to go to sleep.


Many people eat pasta in the night since it is easy to make and also satisfies the hunger. However, consuming pasta just before going to bed is not a proper option. Pasta is made of chess, sauce and heavy cream. All these ingredients are high in calories. Going to bed right after having pasta converts the carbohydrate food that it contains into fats.


Consuming pizzas just before going to sleep can make your digestion full for a long time. Besides the higher fat cheese and various meat toppings, the high acidity levels of the tomato sauce can cause heartburn and acid reflux, thus disturbing your sleep.

Fried Foods

Fried foods like hot dogs, burgers, chips, and French Fries contain high amount of fat, and require quite a long time to be digested. Eating these foods just before going to bed can affect your sleep by causing acidity and abdominal pains.


It is very important to avoid coffee before going to bed if you want a sound sleep. Caffeine, which is its primary ingredient, is a well-known drink that keeps you awake by over-stimulating the nervous system.


Most people don't know that having alcohol just before the going to bed can affect the sleep. Even if drinking alcohol can help you to sleep for about 2 to 3 hours, it is bound to disturb your sleep after a few hours. Read more about Major side effects of consumption of alcohol.

It is not compulsory to completely avoid these foods. Consuming limited amount of them at least two to three hours before you go to bed is perfectly okay.




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