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Anxiety has always been an issue for me. With age, I've gotten better at managing it but its constant work. As a personal trainer Portland, staying ahead of the stress is key. When I was younger I always strove to think my way out of becoming stressed. I would attempt to find out what was stressing me out from another standpoint. It worked but not that well. The difficulty was believing. I over thought everything. I came to understand the solution for me was to let go, to not think about it. After starting my own private training company and the added stress that goes along with growing up and operate I began to dabble in meditation and prayer. Being less than consistent. About 6 months ago I found transcendental meditation. I can say that Transcendental Meditation has become the simplest and most effective kind of meditation for me that I have discovered.


A mantra is a word or sounds repeated out loud or in thought during meditation. They are frequently weathered or Hindu words/phrases or composed seems using a positive connotation. TM is meant to be practiced twice a day for 20 minutes a time. Throughout a series of tours throughout the world, Maharishi educated tens of thousands of individuals this kind of meditation. Through the 1960's and 70's, the movement enlarged becoming popular among celebrities in the USA. From 2000s Transcendental Meditation had become an organization which now includes educational programs, health products, along with other relevant services.


What sets Transcendental Meditation apart from the rest? TM's positive advantages are backed by science-fiction. More than 200 independent universities and institutions worldwide have analyzed TM in the previous 40 years.


Proven Benefits of Transcendental Meditation


Stress relief

better work performance

better school performance

healthy blood pressure

lower risk of heart disease

quitting smoking

alcohol treatment

hyperactivity (ADHD) therapy

healthy relationships

improved intellect


My Experience

I began meditating around 3 decades back. It was at the beginning of my personal training career. The stress of starting up my own business was weighing on me so I started exploring different ways to handle. A co-worker put me on to meditation. I started off taking 20 minutes per day to focus on my breathing in a quiet place. Pretty simple. I moved about meditating this way for approximately 3 months but fought. I couldn't shut off my mind. At times I'd feel myself zone outside and reach peace but these moments were far and few between. It wasn't long until my new hobby disappeared.


Sometime after, therefore, I can't recall I started up it again. This time with a different strategy. Very similar to my very first attempt but now I would say to myself "I am". I would say "I" as I breathed in and "am" because I breathed outside. This technique worked much better for me personally. Saying something to myself helped me take the focus off my own ideas and in the mundane task of replicating this simple phrase. I'd watch my thoughts wander. I would think things that didn't make sense but while not quite paying attention. Like a child in the back of the class not paying attention but overhearing what is said. At the conclusion of these 20-minute sessions, I felt great. I had been noticeably calmer. It was what I had been searching for. I wasn't completely consistent but never missed over a few of days at a time.


About 6 weeks ago I came across an article in my Facebook feed about Transcendental Meditation. It caught my attention. I started doing my own research. I liked the concept of repeating a more duration that had no meaning. Something which flowed together well with a positive connotation. I tried it out. It worked much better than my previous method. In my earlier phases of meditating, I had complete silence. As soon as I began the "I'm" method I was able to meditate if there was a bit back round sound. Now with Transcendental Meditation, I am ready to find peace with a larger amount going on about me. It makes it simpler to b constant. Sometimes it's difficult to get to someplace with complete silence. Now I don't have to.


The benefits of meditation for me have been measurable. Fitness has always been my go-to technique to take my mind of stress but this was more effective. My stress level is down greatly. My family and friends can view it. I can see it. I have been biting my nails my entire life and believed I'd never get over it. My sleeping is better. I have more hope that in the long run everything will work out for me. The list goes on. Maybe its Transcendental Meditation, perhaps it's not. Whatever you've got to do to fully slow down your mind and find peace at least one time per day I'm for. If it worked for me I believe it might work for anybody.


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