A Personal Trainer's Portland Guide to Foam Rolling

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Being a personal trainer Portland and someone who's learned through years of trial and error in my own fitness regimen I will state that foam rolling works and is important! If you exercise regularly but still have not functioned foam rolling into your routine you are not doing it correctly. Foam rolling is among the most helpful tools in any gym goer's disposal. It's effective in raising muscles range of motion, preventing muscle soreness and speeding up muscle recovery. It's not a mystery why foam rolling has become the most popular kind of self-myofascial release.


Things to perform

-Get to know the 3 main areas to rollup. The quadriceps, IT band, and thoracic spine.

-Don’t roll up the lumbar spine (lower back).

-Roll 4-7 days per week spent at least two minutes on each targeted muscle.

-Roll before and especially after every exercise.

-Roll at a slower rate. Speed isn't the name of the sport. Don't rush and if you discover a tender spot spend a while on it.



-Corrects muscle imbalances

-Reduces muscle soreness and accelerate recovery

-Increases range of motion in muscles and in joints.


One of the most common things I hear as a trainer is "I hate stretching" or even "Foam rolling strikes, I don't like it.". That has been my position on both foams extending and rolling in my first years of exercising. As soon as I got to the gym I needed to dip straight into the workout and skip all the boring things. My opinion changed over time as I accumulated injuries and my entire body began crying to it. I now understand how important that things is. All of the little things like stretching, rolling and corrective exercises are really what keep us moving. Without it, in this time, I could be in a wheelchair!


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