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The value of strength training in everybody's lives is paramount! Lots of people associate strength training using an "Arnold Swartzenegger" style of practice, although that course is a choice many people take, it in no way sums up what strength training is all about. Strength training can involve exercises from the bench press, the many distinct versions of squat/leg exercise, to even jogging stairs. Any workout which builds strength!


There are many reasons why strength training is so essential. As we age and the human body naturally starts to shed weight and practicing some kind of exercise routine to construct strength becomes increasingly more significant. Keeping suitable shape and activating the correct muscles in the right order through our regular movements is very important in keeping the joints in our body healthy and working correctly. As a personal trainer Portland, I visit clients all the time dealing with aching muscles and joints. Often building back lost strength and adjusting musculature imbalances can fix the issue.


There are many other reasons why strength training is so essential.


The more muscle you have the more calories your body burns- It's been proven that muscle burns off. This might not sound like a big difference from the bat, but over time it can make a significant difference.


Hip fractures are the main reason for elders being admitted into a nursing home. Falling becomes more and more harmful and having the bone strength to endure a fall can mean getting your independence or not.


Building strength to improve your mood- Exercise, generally speaking, is an incredible tool to help build confidence and boost mood. More so than a lot of the anti-depression drugs on the market, which could have small evidence of even working.


If you are asking yourself, "what are some good strength training exercises I should do?" . I would first ask, "what exactly are your goals". Based on what your objectives are distinct exercises may be in your best interest, but here's the core set of strength training exercises that may benefit everybody.


Squats- Squatting is the principal exercise in constructing leg and glute strength. There are several different variations of the squat but the most common are the body weight squat. It is pretty straightforward. Imagine your going to sit down in a chair and rather than actually sitting down, then you just stand back up! Proper form involves, keeping your back straight, core tight, and weight toward the center of your feet and not in your toes, and maintaining your knees based over your heals.


Push up- Push-ups really are a great way to build chest, shoulder and tricep strength. Push-ups can be done on either your feet or altered on your knees to make it simpler. Keeping your back straight, having your hands based over the base of your torso and your elbow tucked closer tot he body rather than flared out is a great starting point for suitable form.


Rowing- Building sufficient back strength is key in getting good posture. A lack of power in the back muscles in comparison with the torso and shoulders is a massive reason behind getting a round back and shoulders. Applying exercises such as the seated row or pull up's in your weight training routine can make a big difference.


Strength training has played an incredibly important role in my own life. It has helped me become the man I am now and work through several issues that life has thrown my way. I think because we grow stronger at the gym, we grow stronger in life. Optimizing how well your body functions means a happier individual.



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