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My initial experience with Dr Judy Schmidt was while she was still in formal practice. I developed a rare disorder…and after a visit to Mayo Clinic, which had the most experience with this process but little real understanding or answers, saw Dr Schmidt. I was immediately impressed by her strong interest in trying to find answers to logical questions: What caused this? How is it treated? What problems should we watch for? Etc. She was immensely helpful. Now, having developed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, likely related to my prior disorder, I am using her Quality Cancer Care services. She is readily available to her patients, having given me as much time as needed to understand the disease and all the associated aspects. She has been very thorough and seeks to be the sure “the whole person” is appropriately treated. She has many resources, from means to determine whether current medications or dietary supplements could conflict with treatment, to vast amounts of material on the disease, including contacts with many other experts who can access research treatment trials if “standard” therapy isn’t working and patients qualify. Although my “treating” physicians are excellent, they are constrained by numerous factors in the time they are available. I have found Dr Schmidt’s assistance invaluable in this challenging period. Peace of mind is important in the battle with cancer. I am so satisfied with her capable involvement in my care and give her my unreserved recommendation.

We, at Quality Cancer Care will help you understand how a diagnosis of cancer is made and what it means. We’ll answer some of the most common questions about cancer and offer suggestions to help you talk about it with your health care team and with people close to you. Services provided by Dr. Judy Schmidt include serving as an Expert Witness, and providing Expert Opinions and Testimony related to cases, malpractice, second opinions, and file reviews. For clients we provide medical consultations and second opinions, complete medical file review and discussion.



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