Pizza Baguette

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Another recipe thanks to the Good Cooking

See the bootom of the recipe for the link to the site.

Sometimes it is nice to cook your own Pizza and not buy it from the shop. This way you can control what you put on to your pizza from the start!  This is really easy and simple to cook.

Preparation time10m
Cooking time10m


For 4 Person(s)

Pizza Bagguete

1 White or brown baguette
Handfull Grated Cheese
4 tbsp Pasta Sauce
200 grams Diced Cooked ham or bacon

Pizza Baguette Directions

Cut across width of Baguette so you have two halves.
Now half along the length.

Using a spoon add about 2 table spoons of pasta ( from a jar or home made) to each of the four slices and spread evenly.

Now add about a handful of grated cheese, enough to cover the pasta sauce on each baguette.

If you wish add finely sliced and diced ham or pieces of chopped cooked bacon.

Place under the grill until cheese has melted and baguette is crispy or for between 5-10 minutes to heat ham or bacon.

Recipe notes

The extra toppings are optional and if you wish after you have cooked the baguettes you can add sliced tomatoes or other vegetables.

A tasty and very easy to follow Pizza recipe.



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