The Key Difference Between Marketing Research Qualitative and Quantitative

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The marketing team of any organization relies on quantitative and qualitative research to understand the market and plan strategy. Most people who are not engaged directly in qualitative and quantitative research, often take both the terms same. But, those who study this subject and work as research professionals, understand clearly what is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research.

Both the researches have a huge significance in understanding consumer behavior, product demand in the market and how to plan a strategy to successfully launch a product in the market.

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Difference Between Quantitative And Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

The qualitative research is basically the primary Research and it is also known by the same name. This research is used to develop an understanding as why any particular thing is happening in the market, the reason why an opinion is built related to any product and also give an insight of motivation. In addition to providing the knowledge of problem, the research method also helps in developing an idea for effective quantitative research. This research is also practiced in marketing department of various organizations to disclose opinion and thoughts and figure out the problem in deep. In qualitative research, data are collected using various method using some structured and unstructured techniques. Methods that are popularly used for qualitative research includes group discussion, people to people interview, observation and participation. In qualitative research, the sample size remains small and the respondents of the survey are selected in a particular number.

Quantitative Research

This is the research which is used to identify and resolve any problem by generating data that can be converted into a usable statistics. Quantitative research is used for qualifying opinions, qualities, behavior and various other variables. In this research, the sample size remains big. For uncovering any pattern or measuring any data, quantitative research is used and the outcome of this research is used to create a solid fact based plan. Various method to collect data for quantitative research includes mobile survey,  face to face interviews, online surveys, online poles as well as systematic observation.

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