Energy Engineering Course and Branches Of Its Master’s Program

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Energy, when we hear this term our mind automatically relate it to nuclear energy, solar energy and other source of energy we are surrounded by. The different forms of energy have given the world its present frame and it holds a huge significance in shaping the modern world as well. If you are reading this page, then this is very certain that you have come here to know more about energy science and energy engineering and to expand your knowledge on this subject. The energy engineering is the study that involves knowing different techs to extract energy from natural resources and convert it into a usable form. It teaches conserving energy in different forms, converting it and many more.

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Energy Engineering And Its Top Master Programs

Energy engineering is associated with extracting energy from the environment and conserving and converting it into a useable form, this we have discussed above already. Now, we will cover different branches of energy engineering. 

1. Solar Engineering – The master program in this branch educates students how solar energy has widespread and have received such acceptance. Many universities are offering master course in solar energy, the top universities for this course are Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University Russia, Dalarna University, Sweden, 

2. Nuclear Energy – This is every efficient and cheap energy source, though it has been negatively understood. Top universities offering master’s course in Nuclear Energy includes University Of Cambridge University, UK, KTH Royal Institute Of Technology, Sweden, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

3. Hydro Electric – The course educates way to convert water into energy and conserving of that energy. Top universities offering master’s course in Hydro Energy includes NTNU Trondheim, Norway, UPPSALA University, Sweden

4. Electrical Power System – This is the study of electronic and electric side of study like. Subjects covered in this course include power quality, power system protection,  power system electronics and machines. Top universities offering master’s course in Electrical Power System includes the University of Bath, United Kingdom

5. Energy Engineering – This is the master program that engages students in study of designing and managing of energy plants.  Subject covers study of  oil and gas engineering, energy for development, energy engineering Top universities offering master’s course in Energy Engineering is School of Industrial and Information Engineering, Italy

6. Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering – The course educates student about exploring emerging technologies within renewable energy engineering like Thermo-fluid system, bioenergy engineering. Top universities offering master’s course in Renewable Energy Engineering is Coventry University, United Kingdom.

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