A Brief introduction to the Art and Architecture Assignment

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There are several students around the world who holds a certain interest in art and architecture field. To meet the increasing demand, some universities in the developed countries offer both online and offline art and architecture courses. Majority of these courses cover the main three topics which are architecture, painting and sculpture. Students can pursue their degree in the art and architecture from the various countries around the world including UK, USA, and Australia. Apart from this, universities also offer separate degree courses in the art theory, history, architecture philosophy and criticism. In the below article, you will learn about art and architecture and where do you need to hire art and architecture assignment help.

Art and Architecture: The introduction

Both art and architecture are the inspiring subjects that are attracting the young talent from the very beginning. Students who want to follow their passions and show their creativity often choose this field. Let’s get in details to learn more about the subject.

Art: - There is no doubt that art is existing from the time of immemorial. Back then, it was a way of expressing human emotions but now it has become much more than a medium. The art section basically involves in-depth study of art movements like movements, impressions, postmodernism, surrealism and more. With the time other forms of art like digital art, installation art and photorealism have evolved. Along with this, broadly art and aesthetic theories, genre and styles also get covered under the art part.

Important Approaches to the Art:

Majority of the art lovers consider three approaches to the art. These approaches are defined as below:

  • Objectivist: In this particular approach, the aesthetic value to art highly depends on the human position. Human beings have taken Art in objects and materialistic things.
  • Realist: In this approach, the aesthetic value is absolute and independent of human experience. This approach revolves around the theory that objects can represent the art.
  • Relativist: This approach is totally different from the above two approaches as this one totally depends on the human view and experience.

Architecture: - The subject revolves around the designing and constructing the buildings. The architecture can create designs either manually or with the help of computers. Students should always remember that architecture doesn’t only revolves around the creating building but serve the main purpose of providing shelter while keeping all the comforts, resources and residing in mind. Previously, designs were outlined using papers but with the change of technology, architectures can create 3D designs on the computer which highlights better. The architecture should have an eye for the beauty along with the structure design. If you look at the most attractive buildings then, you may find that they are also a definition of beauty and creativity. Hire art and architecture assignment to know more about it.

Important Approaches to the Architecture

There are several theories that contribute toward the architecture:

  • Classical Architecture Theory: According to this theory the architecture could be defined by three qualities known as firmness, delight and commodity.
  • Passage Theory: You can relate this to the middle age. Here the master passed his knowledge to his most able apprentice.
  • Renaissance Theory: As per this theory architecture was came to this world through the Greek god of style.

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