Keyword Strategies to Boost the Website Ranking

by Oliver Mark on Aug 29, 2018 Education 198 Views

Keyword strategies are essential to successfully run an SEO campaign and rank higher on the search engine pages. In the below article you will explore the tips to develop Keyword strategies for your SEO campaign. 

The keyword research is the process of analysing, developing and selecting the specific high-performance keywords to target to drive the organic traffic to the website from the search engines. It is the foundation of any SEO campaign as choosing the right set of keywords can change the overall picture of the website ranking. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to perform the keyword research for the success of the campaign. Today, most of the companies hire SEO Services in the USA to perform the keyword research.  

The need of advance is increasing as traditional keyword strategy do not work with the modern technology. Voice search is becoming an internal part, however, the search is still in its early stage and Al technologies like Amazon Alexa, iPhone Siri, and Google assistance will take it to a whole new level in the upcoming years. So, how are you going to create a keyword strategy for your campaign? To find this out read the below post that contains the basic and advanced tips.

1.    Understanding of the search volume data

When deciding what keywords to target the volume data plays an important role in the decision making. You can various resources to gather this data but the most important thing is to understand the data you are currently holding in your hands. You can use the online tools like Google’s keyword planner to develop an effective keyword strategy. However, the tool was not specifically developed for the SEO purposes but it can provide some top search phrases and keywords that can be crucial for your campaign.

2.    Understanding the search intent

The keywords research has changed from what it was 10 years back. Now the SEO experts understand search intent impact the keyword ranking. Now, they can see that it easier to rank a keyword in the search volume of 4000 rather than search volume of 50000. But what we actually want is to generate more traffic to the website that where search intent comes handy. The best way to use search intent for your keywords is to perform searches from them. You will find the different results on the pages, you can use all of them to develop your business keywords.

3.    Choosing between head and tail keywords

It is vital to classify your keywords for the better implement. You can differentiate between the high-level keywords who can drive the sufficient traffic to your website. These are basically head or tail keywords. You will have a few of each for your business. In case if you face problems coming up with the research keywords then hire SEO services in the USA.

4.     Competitor analysis

The process of Google ranking is more complicated then you may think. It doesn’t just rank a website after evaluating factors like backlinks, content length, or quality. Still, websites who are already ranking for your targeted keywords can help you a lot. All you have to do is find out:

  • If the pages that are ranking contain the mixture of content like short or long form content, tables, visuals, commercial or non-commercial?
  • Does the domain represent the brand?
  • If the keyword is associated with the brand?

Such questions will help you to develop top-ranking keywords for your SEO campaigns, in case if you still face any issue the visit Qdexi technology to hire SEO services in the USA.



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