Analysis of Medical Devices Using MATLAB and Simulink

by James Jon on May 21, 2018 Education 197 Views

What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is the short form for Matrix Laboratory. It is a multi-faceted computing environment developed by Math Works. Its main works are creating user interfaces, matrix manipulations, and implementation of algorithms, plotting of functions and data and also interfacing with the programs which are written in other languages like C, C++ etc. MATLAB assignments are famous from BookMyEssay and one can get MATLAB assignment help here.

What is Simulink?

This system is also developed by Math Works. It is a graphical programming system which helps in modeling and analyzing dynamic systems. It is very closely integrated with MATLAB driving most of its features. It is widely used in signal processing and automatic control of many computed models.

What are the various companies and educational institutions which use MATLAB and Simulink for analysis of medical devices?

Functioning of medical devices should be accurate as it is a matter of life and death for a patient. Incorrect diagnosis by a medical device can cost a patient dearly. So MATLAB along with Simulink are used in analyzing the performance of medical devices. There is a list of the companies and universities which use these tools in the analysis of their medical devices:

  1. Virginia Commonwealth University: It is coming up with a fully automated mock circulatory loop which simulates actual cardiovascular conditions going on in a real heart. This is to help in the functioning of cardiac assist devices.
  2. Cleveland FES Center and Case Western Reserve: It is researching on a device which provides electrical simulation to restore the functioning of paralyzed limbs. People with neurological disorders which have restricted the movements of the legs and arms are provided with electrodes to produce electrical impulse for the restoration of the movements.
  3. Cochlear Limited: This Company is improving the cochlear implants for hearing-impaired people. By using MATLAB and Simulink, the company is streamlining the development of the algorithms for processing of sound in the implants. 
  4. In fraredx: The Company is researching in the field of an intravascular imaging system. People with high lipid profile tend to develop coronary artery disease. It is responsible for the most number of deaths in developed countries. This device is the only FDA-approved device for detecting LCP (Lipid Core Plaques) in the blood.
  5. ITK Engineering: It is developing controller software for dental drilling motor. This software is IEC 62304-compliant. It is a medical device software standard.
  6. University of Pennsylvania: It is developing real-time testing of the pacemakers with virtual heart models. This testing enables configuring of pacemakers to match the specific physiological conditions of the patient needing the pacemaker’s implantation.



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