Now an Electrical Engineering Degree in Which You Can Learn By Doing

by William John on May 14, 2018 Education 115 Views

What is an Electrical Engineering Degree?

Electrical engineering degree is a prestigious degree which can open the doors to a bright future. There are various handsome jobs and salary packages which take your career to great heights. Your experience and active participation in the current development in the electrical engineering market will make you ahead of your competitors.

A program was offered by DCC or Dallas Community College in electrical engineering. It was named as Semiconductor Manufacturing Program. The students were trained in the manufacturing process of semiconductor chips. Later when the manufacturing shifted from the humans to machines or robots, the program changed and was renamed as Electrical Engineering Technology – Semiconductor Manufacturing Pathway. Now it trained students in understanding those machines which manufactured the semiconductor chips. They are gaining skills in maintaining and repairing these machines. This program gives them opportunity to become a trained technician in any of the fields like industrial, commercial or electronics.     

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Why is this Degree Unique?

This degree is unique and quite different from other electrical engineering degrees in many ways. This degree can provide electrical engineering technology internships to the students in which they can gain hands-on experience and then move on to the full-time positions in top companies. The students can learn skills making them competent, employable and desirable. They can win awards in various types of contests help in the college making them practically experienced in the course-related activities.

Though the program is new in the college, yet it has lot to give to the students. It has lot of promises as it has a span of only four semesters. This makes the electrical engineering technology students to receive their degrees very soon. This degree qualifies a student for any decent entry-level job as soon as he completes this program. This enables a technician to earn about $36,000 as average starting salary. This increases soon as one gains experience and skills. 



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