Best Way to Write the Best Quality Annotated Bibliography

by William John on May 2, 2018 Education 197 Views

An Annotated bibliography is a type of literature that delivers the brief idea about the topic that you have selected for your research. You need to write the information in multiple steps which contain the information about the topic in the form of short paragraphs. These paragraphs contain the description, as well as arguments of the source, referred. While writing the annotated bibliography, you need to consider the purpose, format, proper writing style as well as relevant examples. Because without writing this information, you never complete this perfectly. In our Annotated Bibliographies Writing Help facility, we are writing the best seven steps to write a comprehensive Annotated bibliography:

  • Review the source: This is the first step in which you have to choose the source carefully and read the entire information carefully. After that, you can take the relevant information related to your topic and make the rough notes. Then write the information accurately so that anyone could understand what your work is all about.
  • Citations: You can take the reference from the scholarly books, academic notes, various articles, videos as well as images. There are many resources are available to gather the relevant information about the topic which you have selected. After gathering the citations then you needto arrange your citations in proper way like alphabetical way, numeric way, sub topic etc.
  • Use an Annotated Bibliography: This is necessary step to get the positive result, here you need to write the one paragraph information about your argument. Always remember that it shall also be easy for the reader because it also helps the reader to which source you are using for further reference in you annotated bibliography.
  • Access the Author’s background: To get the best output, you need to use the author’s background, experience and other credentials. It gives the positive impact on your annotated bibliography. You can also write the detailed information about the author like author’s school, author’s review etc.
  • Make list of themes: In this step, you can easily give a brief idea to reader about your annotated bibliography. You can also scan your idea which you have used to define the theme. To make it perfect, you can also highlight the important point of the bibliography. You can also write reason to use the particular book.
  • Evaluate the source: You need to make a critical evaluation of the source which you are using. You need to underline all the sub headings and make an index and write all the headings in it. In this way all the readers can easily get the idea about the written information systematically.
  • Make a proper bibliography with all the sources: After completing all the steps, you need to write the information about the sources which you have used in this bibliography. That shall enrich your article and make it more suitable.



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