10 Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes to Promote Your Success in School

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Description: Utilize your short moments throughout the day to accomplish your big academic goals.

What can a student accomplish in 10 minutes? Students are generally busy. From classrooms to assignments, tests and extracurricular activities there is so much to accomplish, learn and experience in the academic life. Well, you might not be able to write your whole assignment in 10 minutes but you can do a lot of small yet important tasks in 10 minute time that would surely add up to your big progress in school. Here are 10 such tasks that students can do in 10 minutes to promote their success in the school.


Plan your day/week

Plan ahead your day or week and stay on top of things all the times. For example, if you are taking assignment assistance you must plan how much time you would need to do the tasks. Keep a record of your school events such as test dates, assignment deadlines, term breaks and map out your working hours. Create a to-do list that states the 5 most important tasks to do in a day so that you can focus on your priorities only.


Check emails

It takes just 10 minutes every day to keep yourself updated and informed about what is happening in your school. Hence, check your emails and classroom announcements regularly. Your instructors might have something important to share with you. Read any guidelines that are provided by your instructors about the next assignment or project so that you can do things as required. It will not take much time.


Read your affirmations

It is said that our beliefs create our reality. So why don't we push ourselves towards a healthy mindset? Affirmations are powerful words that can inspire you towards your goals. As you will think positive thoughts, you will radiate positive energy and thus attract more positivity in your life. It is a good way to motivate yourself and release out the stress from your mind. And, all this can be achieved in just 10 minutes.


Take a break

In between all the studying for the tests, Assignment Writing Service, taking notes and revising the lessons, it is very important to keep yourself energized. Remember, the goal is not to make studying a challenging experience for you. Study breaks can ensure that you are having a positive study experience. A 10-minute study break can bring back your focus and enhance your productivity.



Exercising 10 minutes a day can do wonders for your health. Exercising energizes your body, improves your memory and enhances the cognitive skills. It releases chemicals called endorphins which are known for increasing happiness and decreasing stress levels in the human body. It can help you sleep better, improve your blood circulation and most importantly exercise is a fun activity. Just 10 minutes a day and you can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.



Whether you are stressed, confused or overwhelmed, a 10-minute conversation can help you find all your answers. Sharing the issues others can make you feel less stressed about them. They can be your family members and teachers or even your friends. So, reach out to people who support you and seek guidance. Not only this, make it a habit to spend at least 10 minutes a day with your family to receive strength and encouragement as you go ahead in your career.


Stay well thought-out

Staying organized is not only about planning your days. It is about managing every aspect of the study time as well as study space.  It can help you avoid unnecessary distractions and interruptions. So, make sure that you have all the study material and stationery as you sit to study. Also, clear your study desk every day. Organize your assignments, notes and throw away things that you do not need anymore. Make sure your desk is not piled up with papers, notebooks or brochures. A clean desk would not only motivate you to study but would keep your mind sorted.



Reading brings many benefits and values to the readers. It helps in improving the memory, developing analytical skills and boosting the creativity. As you read new words, you try and understand their context which gives a boost to your vocabulary. Also, reading can make you a better writer as you are introduced to different writing styles and ideas in different books.



Tracking your own progress is an essential part of becoming successful. Take out 10 minutes and reflect how your day went, what did you experience, what did you learn and what progress did you make. Analyze your decisions and achievements. Acknowledge what went well, find areas that need to be worked upon and set your intention for the next day. 10 minutes of self-reflection can help you become not only a better student but a better human being.


Review things

Review your planner at least once a week and take note of all the important events or tasks that you need to accomplish so that you do not miss out anything. Do a quick review of all the stuff that you learn in the class every day. Try and go through the headings at least so that you can retain the concepts. As you review, fill up your planner by marking tasks that have been done, assignments that have been submitted and make note of what’s left.




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