How to Ace Standardized Tests Like a Pro

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Find excellent universal tips on how to prepare for a Standardized Test, and get good marks.

For every student wishing to apply for a good college, standardized test is like a firewalking ritual that a student needs to accomplish to walk into a reputed college successfully. Preparing for a standardized test can be a daunting process with the added pressure of performing well. Such times do call for patience: keeping the stress levels low, and managing anxiety levels. To ensure that you do not crumble under pressure, undertaking smart studying for preparing for the standardized test can help you appear for the test with relative ease.

First and foremost, you as a student should realize that Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, preparing for the standardized test, for example, a General Achievement Test (GAT) requires months of meticulous preparation for appearing for this exam. Following are some of the ways where you can achieve the kind of diligence to prepare for the test:


Tweaking your study techniques

While preparing for any test, it is essential that you plan out your course. You need to invest time in doing a prep course and get a study guide. It will help you create a proper template on how do you go about preparing for the test. Similarly, practicing test papers, mock test papers, flashcards, and useful online videos are some of the material that you can assimilate to start studying.


The earlier, the better

It is challenging to ace a standardized test if you cram up the entire syllabus at the last moment. Always ensure that you start studying way before time. Remember, the more you toil on the practice grounds, the easier it will be to ace the actual day of the event.


Practice Practice Practice!

Perfection can only be achieved when you constantly keep on evolving. Using this as a metaphor, you need to prepare and re-prepare until the final day of the exam. Look out for practice test papers, and start solving them. If you have a problem in solving the papers, take assistance from people who have given these tests earlier. Ensure that you complete a mock test at regular intervals. Think of these tests as pointers that will make you realize how ready you are to take the actual test.


Get creative studying tactic

Try and figure out ways to memorize things in novel ways. It will help you retain more of the knowledge, rather than by merely reading a book without understanding much of it. It cannot be denied that reading through the study material is an excellent way to implement the technique, try and make it more interesting by making notes, small summaries, and mind maps that will help you understand the material quickly.


Extensive reading

Comprehensive reading should be made a habit no matter what. When appearing for a standardized test, the more knowledge you possess, the better. A significant amount of reading also helps you develop a strong vocabulary and will also help you become an excellent conversationalist.


Taking assistance

Preparing for a test, and simultaneously working on creating an assignment may prove too strenuous for you. It may even hamper your test preparations. To relieve you from your misery, you could take some external help. You could very well get in touch with expert writers and ask them, “Will you do my assignment please?” It is far easier to get assignment assistance than you might think.

Experts and tutors, who provide academic support to students, can help them grasp the concepts better, and explain to them the best ways to present their ideas and explanations in the form of essays or other assignment formats.


Familiarize yourself with the test

The best way to deal with the test is to take it head-on. Delve into understanding what is the test pattern like:

  • What is the statement of purpose?
  • Is the test conducted in an online mode (computer-based test) or offline mode (pen-and-paper based test)?  
  • What is the duration of the test and how many questions you need to solve in the exam?
  • What is the scoring procedure?
  • What is the syllabus and types of questions expected in the test?
  • How can the answers be solved tactfully?

These questions will enable you to understand the test pattern better.


Influence your skill with Timed and Untimed practice

Initially, begin with untimed practice. It will garner confidence within you to answer the questions. It will also help you strategize and monitor your capabilities to answer the question, and identify your weak areas. You can then work on them.

Timed practice will enable you to increase your speed and efficiency in deciphering the questions. It is crucial to appearing for the test as it allows you to stay calm during crunch time. Please ensure that you take these test in an orderly manner. You will see the positive results yourself.


Motivate yourself

There may be times where you may be distracted, and you may suffer the loss of interest to prepare for the test as the days draw closer to the final event. Ensure that you take a breather and sharpen your focus in achieving the target of clearing the test. Ensure that you eat, exercise and sleep adequately to strengthen your learning abilities.




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