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by Samuel Garner on Feb 14, 2017 Computers and Internet 398 Views

Everyone wants to secure the best security for their home and organization. Do not fall prey to cyber crime, and protect your loved ones too. No matter how much precautions you take, there is always a risk of such threats. It is your duty to be aware of such threats and take more necessary steps to avoid being a victim. Adopt the best practices that are followed in many organizations and business firms worldwide to help create a highly secure network.

Monitor Applications with Access to Data
Applications are of great use to us. But they may also put confidential data at risk. Usually, the applications have access to the data in our system. Hackers try to take advantage of this opportunity by hammering their way through the applications.

Collect Detailed Logs
Collect detailed logs of the operations that go on in your systems. This might be helpful for both security and troubleshooting purposes. This is especially useful for applications that do not have internal logging. By adding tools that can log the activities of these applications you will be able to detect any network security holes created by those applications.

Maintain Security Patches
The security patches help in fixing security leaks and protecting your system from vulnerabilities. So it is extremely important to update and maintain your software and hardware security. These updates are more resistant to the threats or vulnerabilities developed by cyber-criminals day by day.

Beware of Social Engineering
Social engineering is manipulating people and gaining confidential information from them like passwords, or bank information. Hackers are now devising more clever methods for fooling employees and individuals into handing over sensitive data.  Stay alerted and do not fall victim to such attack.

Limit Use of the Administrator Account
The highly-privileged administrator account has the authority and ability to access any information and change any configuration on your system. Therefore, web-delivered malware can more efficiently get into your system if executed while you are logged on as an administrator. Make a nonprivileged “user” account for activities like web browsing, e-mail access, downloading, and document creation/editing. For activities like system reconfigurations, and software installations or updating only, use the privileged account administrator.

Install the best Security Suite
Install a complete network security suite that provides full defense via anti-virus, anti-phishing, safe browsing, and firewall capabilities. Ensure that the suite has automatic updating so that you don’t miss important new protections.

Implement Strong Passwords
Keep your password strong and complex so that is will be difficult to crack. Avoid keeping names of your family members, pet’s name that will be identified easily. Use a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. Also, make a habit of changing your password once in two months for better network security.

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