How To Get New Clients Through LinkedIn?

by George Young on Dec 12, 2018 Computers and Internet 108 Views

Do you know the LinkedIn has 500 million active users and the number keeps increasing with 2 new users signing up every second? While the LinkedIn is often seen as the job hunting platform it is the best platform to get connected with the new clients. Business organizations who are facing a hard time gathering new clients could add LinkedIn in their social media strategies.

No matter, whether you have just entered into the world of social media or someone who has already established a connection, the below outline is for all of them who wants to find the new perspective.

How to Extend Your Business Through LinkedIn?

Define What You Can Do

To make new clients on the website, you should start by nailing down what you can deliver. Like what unique products and services do you have to offer to the customers? Make a list of things you can do for your customers and then find out what things makes you different from your competitors. Just try to be specific in this part. In case, if you find yourself lost then hire an agency who provide social media strategies.

Find out more about your ideal clients

Ask yourself what type of clients will look for the services provided by you? Or what kind of clients you would like to work with? In the intersection of both questions, you will find your ideal clients. Before you go onto your mission of finding the ideal clients sit back and write down as many details as you can about your clients. Like what do they do? In which company or sector do they work?

It is always beneficial to prepare some persona in advance as it will give you around a picture of the clients you want to target, making it easier to find them on the LinkedIn.

Give your LinkedIn profile some TLC

As mentioned above, LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to show the best of you. The LinkedIn profile is like your identity so make sure it shows you the best way possible. To make this easier, you can pretend that your clients are going to judge you on the basis of your profile because there is actually someone who does this. So, make your profile contain:

•    A professional headshot.

•    A small description.

•    A professional banner.

•    A summary that gives importance to your achievement and strength.

Do not forget to update your profile from time to time. The same applies for your web page as well. Get top-class social media optimization solutions for your business.

Start joining groups on LinkedIn

To widen your social circle, you can start joining the LinkedIn group related to your industry, interest and niche. Participating in groups is the best way to meet and interact with different people around the world. You can find the group using the search bar available on the profile. 



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