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by Andy Browning on Mar 15, 2016 Computers and Internet 683 Views

My Name is Andy Browning and I run a computer training business. We are in the process of setting up our website. The reason that I wanted to write is to share my views on training and education.

In many countries education is free, however and sadly there is growing evidence that in developed countries privately funded education will see students achieving better results and going on to have better careers.

Whilst I understand that we live in a pay for what you get world, I believe that education, healthcare, food and clean running water should not be dependent on finance. There is enough money for governments to ring-fence large budgets for these services and trades.

If you are in any doubt look at the foriegn aid budget or defense budgets of many countries, we are talking billions and yet they have struggling heatlh and education services on home soil.

Without going any further into political debate I have decided to put a lot of our IT courses online at no cost to the user. Computech Training will have many free courses added throughout the year. There are paid courses are available for just $9 or a $29 lifetime membership. This is a fraction of the cost of many websites offering similar services. We also work with many local authorities and welfare groups to provide free training to people and families on low incomes.

Education is vital in ensuring future growth. Offering affordable and where possible free training will help to produce a skilled work force.

I am looking for people willing to submit free content or courses to the site as well as becoming partners or sponsoring the site and helping to promote Computech Training.  

I am really very interested in thoughts and opinions that you may have so please comment here or contact me from the Computech Training website if you have any suggestions or proposals.

Thank you for reading.  



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