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About OpinionEx

Vision: A world where justice prevails, there are few disputes, and when there are, they have a positive impact.

Mission: To improves the frequency of Just outcomes and minimise the number, negative impact, and cost of disputes

Strategy: 1) Directly, or in a support capacity, identify the most pertinent Expert for a specific dispute, produce impactful results, minimize costs, and provide a smooth experience for parties seeking Experts such as Lawyers, Law Firms, Insurance Agencies, Corporations, and Individuals:

2) Generate interest for Expert Witness services and Expert Opinions from highly qualified professionals with diverse specialties and experiences from various locations.


  • Expert Witness
  • Expert Opinion
  • Independent Medical Exam
  • Doctor Consulting
  • IME


OpinionEx provides expert opinions and expert witnesses services. They are also expert in Independent consultant specialist and independent medical professional exam.  Get doctor consulting services, report, IME, peer bill review, directory at opinion Ex. They’re also expert in legal and insurance cases.



550 St. Clair Avenue West,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Phone:  (888) 391-4382

Fax:        (888) 391-4382

Website: https://www.opinionex.com/




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