Introducing POPCANN:Tech-driven, prefabricated Cannabis stores disrupting mainstream retail approach

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Cannabis Retail POPCANN (CNW Group/POPCANN)


POPCANNs are modular retail stores that are set to disrupt the mainstream Cannabis retail approach. With a diverse product line of prefabricated Cannabis retail stores, every POPCANN incorporates immersive experiential technology to provide a truly original retail experience.


“Our mandate is to ensure legal Cannabis is made accessible to customers wherever they may be,” says Jake Neiman, Co-Founder and CEO of POPCANN. “Optimal sizes and layouts enable us to bring legal Cannabis to northern communities, music festivals, seasonal towns and other non-traditional environments, and offer a truly unique retail experience.”


According to reports from New Frontier Data, it is estimated that the U.S. and Canada could generate a combined $172 billion in retail sales over the next six years. As Cannabis is being legalized in a number of US States and Canada for both medicinal and recreational purposes, suppliers in the industry need to comply with strict regulations and therefore struggle with how to bring their products to hard-to-reach places. Developed specifically for the Cannabis industry, POPCANNs are compliant with the regulations in the markets in which they operate.


By integrating the latest experiential and projection mapping technology, POPCANNs provide a truly original retail experience for customers. Each purpose-built POPCANN Cannabis Retail Store is created for responsive, compliant operations, designed to help solve problems currently faced by numerous Cannabis stakeholders.


POPCANN has partnered with Storage Vault’s portable storage division, Canada’s largest and most trusted name in self-storage and related services, to bring legal Cannabis to diverse regions. This exclusive arrangement with Storage Vault enables POPCANN to operate Cannabis Retail Stores at over 200 non-traditional locations, coast-to-coast. In the U.S., POPCANN will also be leveraging creative partnerships to execute retail solutions across the country.


“Our partnership with POPCANN is an excellent example of how very different businesses can team up in creative ways,” says Steven Scott, CEO, Storage Vault. “This partnership provides POPCANN with a national infrastructure,  logistics and distribution platform to bring legal Cannabis to Canadians from secure, yet accessible areas.”


“Our proposed strategy uniquely enables provinces and states across North America to convert ‘opt outs’ into ‘opt ins’, through a new process that allows municipalities to test legal Cannabis retailing within their regions, away from residential areas and traditional retail centres” says Michael Girgis, Co-Founder and President of POPCANN. “We’ve put together innovative, turn-key solutions and our team bring extensive experience working with various levels of government.”


Outfitted with patent-pending security technology for age-restricted entrance along with secure and streamlined ordering, fulfillment on-site, POPCANNs are a practical solution for pushing out the black market in regions and municipalities where the black market currently has an exclusive foothold.


POPCANNs are the only prefabricated Cannabis Retail Stores available in the North American marketplace for both pop-up and permanent installations. POPCANN’s mission is to provide turn-key Cannabis retail stores that rapidly bring legal Cannabis to traditional and alternative destinations.

Operating a fleet of patent-pending, tech-driven Cannabis structures, every POPCANN is customizable, secure and designed to meet each region’s distinct compliance requirements. Every POPCANN also incorporates next-gen projection mapping and augmented reality technologies to provide truly original retail experiences.

POPCANNs are made to solve problems for diverse Cannabis stakeholders, including government regulators and the general public. Optimal sizes and layouts enable POPCANN to bring legal Cannabis to northern communities, music festivals, seasonal towns and other non-traditional environments.

The POPCANN Corporation, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, was co-founded in 2019 by veteran media and technology entrepreneurs Michael Girgis and Jake Neiman.

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POPCANNs is the perfect solutions for retail stores. POPCANN offers many retail store options to meet the needs of diverse environments and destinations. Contact POPCANN and choose perfect Prefab Cannabis Retail Store for your application.

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