Metallic Glass Market to Record an Exponential CAGR by 2025

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Metallic glass is an alloy having amorphous or a glassy structure. It is known as an amorphous metal or a glassy metal due to it’s likewise appearance. An amorphous solid is the one that is obtained from liquid and does not crystalize on cooling. In an amorphous solid, atoms are packed in a random manner which prevents it from crystallization. The properties of metallic glass resembles that of amorphous solid. A metallic glass is not similar to a normal glass despite its glass-like appearance. Metallic glass has electrical conductivity and is homogeneous in composition unlike normal glass. There are various methods through which a metallic glass can be produced; rapid cooling, ion irradiation, physical vapor deposition, solid-state reaction, mechanical alloying and others.


Metallic glass made from alloys of boron, silicon, and phosphorous contain high magnetic susceptibility for which it finds application in automotive, electronics and aerospace industries. Metallic glass also has high fracture and corrosion-resistance properties due to which it finds application in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to various available properties of metallic glass, the product finds application in diverse industries. Metallic glass are ductile, malleable, brittle, and opaque. Based on application, the metallic glass market can be segmented into electronics & electrical, pharmaceutical, defense, sports products, and other.


Metallic glass is used to manufacture several products which include cell phone cases and aircraft parts due to its strong structure. Metals are tough materials that are resistant to cracking and brittle fracture; however, they have limited strength. Metallic glasses on the other hand have an exceptional combination of both the strength associated with glass and the toughness of metals. Metallic glass is extensively used to manufacture sports products, followed by electronics and pharmaceuticals. Demand for metallic glass from these industries is expected to boost the global metallic glass market.


In terms of region, the metallic glass market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America is observed to dominate the metallic glass market, followed by markets in Europe and Asia Pacific. Demand for metallic glass from end-use industries along with increase in the number of domestic manufacturing units has led to an increase in demand for metallic glass across North America. As North America region is a developed region, high standard of living and rising demand for electronics, pharmaceutical, sports, and other products are expected to drive the metallic glass market.


The demand for metallic glass in Asia Pacific region is rising at a considerable pace as compared to other regions. As the electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical and other industry is growing rapidly in the region the demand for metallic glass is observed to be rising. China is the world’s largest electronic market. The country accounts for major share of the metallic glass market across the globe. This is projected to be one of the major reason for boosting demand of metallic glass in Asia Pacific region. Latin America and Middle East & Africa held least share of the metallic glass market in 2016; however the share of the region is projected to rise at a rapid pace during the forecast period.

Key manufacturers operating in the metallic glass market are PrometalTech, Usha Amorphous Metals Limited, Exmet AB, and Metglas Inc.




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