Metallic Printing Inks Market to Undertake Strapping Growth During 2026

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Metallic printing ink is a type of ink containing metallic particles. Common metals used to manufacture metallic ink include copper, aluminum, bronze, and zinc. Metallic printing inks offer superior brilliance, hiding power, and performance for all printing systems. After printing, when the metallic ink is left to dry, the metallic particles rise to the surface, reflecting light and creating a metallic sheen. Metallic printing inks are suitable for printing on boards, paper, metals (cans) as well as for in-mould applications. They are also used for digital printing. They are used for the metallic effect in digital prints on various substrates and for many applications such as posters & banners, textiles & leather, composite boards, labels, wood, carton & paper, marking & coding, proofing, car wraps, interior decoration, packaging, stickers, etc. These inks are made from high quality raw material using modern technologies. They are acclaimed for high color strength and fast drying properties.


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Metallic printing inks provide a shining texture when they are used in offset, gravure, flexo, screen, and digital printing. They are available for oil-, solvent-, water-based, and UV curing systems. Metallic printing inks are also used for food packaging applications. When used in solvent-based systems, they provide a very high gloss level and permit extraordinary effects particularly on synthetic materials. They are especially suitable for wide format printing and proofing systems.


Global Metallic Printing Inks Market: Key Segments


In terms of application, metallic printing inks are used in a multitude of commercial printing applications such as high-end brochures and catalogs, greeting cards, gift wraps, book covers, and advertisements. Food, beverage, cosmetic, and many other product packaging applications also use a significant amount of metallic inks for flexible packaging, labels, folding cartons, and corrugated board. Packaging is the dominant segment of the metallic printing inks market due to the usage of the inks in e-commerce and the shipping industry.


One of the prime drivers of the global metallic printing inks market is the rise in demand for the inks from the packaging sector. The packaging sector has expanded at a rapid pace in recent years due to the steady growth of ecommerce and rising demand for international shipping of non-consumer goods. Rise in use of paperboard packaging has also boosted demand for global metallic printing inks market. It is likely to remain a key driver for the market in the coming years.



In terms of region, the metallic printing inks market can be classified North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. North America is a leading contributor to the global metallic printing inks market. The steady presence of the commercial printing industry as well as the packaging industry in North America is a key driver of the printing inks market in the region. The rise in demand for international shipping from North American companies is likely to remain an important driver of the metallic printing inks market in the near future. The firm establishment of the e-commerce sector has also enabled steady demand from the printing inks market in North America. The demand for metallic printing inks market in Asia Pacific is high due to the increasing number of manufacturing bases. Demand for metallic printing inks in countries such as India, China, and nations in Southeast Asia has increased due to rise in demand for packing products such as paper, cartons, labels, and film in the region.


Key players in the metallic printing inks market include Roland DGA Corporation, Repro Graphics Pvt. Ltd., and Colors.




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