Activated Carbon Website Uses AME SEM Images

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A new website for activated carbon has used the activated carbon SEM images from our website used as an illustrative example of our SEM analyses.  These images were made by Dr. Lorrie Krebs.  The Australian website using these images has done so with our permission.  That website is here and uses the images to show the high surface area of activated charcoal.  The example from our website is given below:

Illustrative Example 2: Activated Carbon

Figure 1 is a low magnification (50X) SEM micrograph of activated carbon particles of an air filter. Activated carbon is similar to graphitic carbon except that it has a high degree of porosity and a large internal surface area. Activated carbon is mostly used as a filter material for removing impurities from water and various gases. Figure 2 is a moderately magnified (1000X) SEM micrograph (of the particle to the right in Figure 1) indicating internal surfaces and porosity in the activated carbon. This sample was sufficiently conductive that it was not coated.






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