Why Use Free Classified Ads?

by Lisa Marjeli on Mar 23, 2016 Business and Finance 747 Views

It is widley accepted that one of the best places to sell your unwanted items, or to start a business selling is eBay or a lesser extent, Gumtree.

Before I go any further, I know a lot of people that can't stand how eBay operates it's business and with that in mind they switch to Gumtree,  well eBay purchased Gumtree a few years back in 2005. eBay also owns PayPal although they are run as seperate businesses.

So what other options are there for people that wnat to sell things onlinne, promote a business or service?

Local Directories.

Local directory sites are sometimes useful for generating walk-in traffic for a local high street store or tradesman. These sorts of sites unless well promoted themselves often have few visitors and whilst useful for a local business may not really be of any use for selling goods or unwanted items online.

A Press Release.

Ideal for promoting a new website, product or service, not any use for classifieds or local business lead generation.  Unless a massive launch is planned, can also be costly and time consuming.

Classified Ads Sites.

I believe that Classified ads sites are the gem of online advertising. Just think for a moment and ask why eBay purchased Gumtree?  Gumtree in the UK alone was getting 14 million hits a month. FreeAds.co.uk , KaboodleClassifieds.com and now the new on the scene , SimplyFreeAds.com, all offer a similar if not better experience than Gumtree.

Where classified sites differer from eBay is that they allow the user to post free classified ads, these can be for items for sale, business services, property, or whatever the advertiser likes, providing it is legal of course. There is no cost involved and thousands of people can get to see your items, business or service.

Most classified ads websites will allow users to post featured ads, for a small fee, that sit at the top of other listings.

Some classified ads site are focused on a specific region or country and others are Glabal. The fact that they are free to use means that you can post your advert on more than one site at no extra cost.

For me I can't recommend them enough. I have promoted my best friends dog walking business on SimplyFreeAds.com, and FreeAds.co.uk and her phone has not stopped rininging. As with all sites you do have to weed out the idiot replies but that is unavoidable these days.

So my advice is, hit the classifieds and sell your stuff for free.




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