Yes, 'It's Huge' is actually the official name of Billy Fuccillo's auto empire

by Billy Fuccillo on Mar 8, 2017 Autos and Mechanics 391 Views

Adams, NY -- The tagline ends almost every one of auto dealer Billy Fuccillo's colorful ads: "It's huge!"

Or, more accurately, "IT'S HUUUUGE-GA!!!"

But did you know that's also what Fuccillo calls his official corporation in paperwork filed with New York State?

It's Huge Inc., has it's own state ID: 3138034 and date of filing: Dec. 15, 2004. That's according to Department of State corporation records.

The chief executive officer is "William B. Fuccillo" and it's registered on U.S. Route 11 in Adams -- the home of Fuccillo's first dealership.

It's Huge Inc is not the only company Fuccillo's auto empire has spawned, or even the first. In fact, the state filing shows its sister company has a much more bland title: Fuccillo Automotive Group. And Fuccillo has been selling cars for three decades, long before forming It's Huge Inc.

All told, there are 30 separate businesses now registered in New York State with the Fuccillo name. Many are devoted to individual dealerships.

But a recent slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against Fuccillo Kia of Clay calls "Huge Inc." the umbrella owner of the other corporations. (There is no "Huge Inc." incorporated Upstate, so the lawsuit is clearly referring to It's Huge Inc.)

The oldest active corporation bearing Fuccillo's name appears to be "Fuccillo Auto Brokers," on West Genesee Street's Auto Row in Syracuse. His Adams dealership now goes by the name "Fuccillo Automotive Group."

And for his Florida dealerships? There's a company in that state called "It's Huge of FL."

Fuccillo began selling cars after graduating Syracuse University in 1979.



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Billy Fuccillo

Billy Fuccillo is president of fuccillo automotive group Syracuse New York . Fuccillo Automotive Group is the largest automobile dealership in the state of New York.

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