Billy Fuccillo helps flooded Fla. war veteran with 'huge' $30,000 check

by Billy Fuccillo on Apr 6, 2016 Autos and Mechanics 774 Views

You know him for his "huge" car sales, but Fuccillo Automotive Group owner Billy Fuccillo is known to one Florida war veteran as something of a savior.

Gordon Page, an 85-year-old Korean War Veteran, made news last week when his home where he and his wife care for three other vets was flooded, WIVB-TVreported.

Billy Fuccillo saw the story, felt a connection to Page, and decided to help by pledging to pay for almost all of the repairs required.

"My dad's 92 now, so I know a little about what went on way back, especially with war veterans," Fuccillo told WFLA-TV in Florida, where he owns several dealerships.

In total, Billy Fuccillo wrote a check for $30,000. $25,000 of that came out of his own pocket, and $5,000 came from donations by Fuccillo employees.

"Before you put your head on the pillow at night, it's always good to make sure you do the right thing for people," Fuccillo said. "The Lord has blessed me. I say my prayers every night. He's letting me live a dream."

Fuccillo presented the check to Susan Draves earlier this week at his dealership in Wesley Chapel. Draves is helping coordinate the donations and repair work at Page's home.

"It's amazing that he was so generous and so thoughtful and really cares," said Draves, who also thanked Fuccillo's employees.

The bill is nearly $15,000 so far, but a number of people have turned out to offer money, services, furniture and other donations. Draves set up a GoFundMeaccount where anyone can donate.

Page and his wife are overwhelmed and grateful towards Fuccillo and everyone else who has supported them since the flood.

"We cry. We cry," Page told WFLA. "To have a stranger to help, is wonderful."




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Billy Fuccillo

Billy Fuccillo is president of fuccillo automotive group Syracuse New York . Fuccillo Automotive Group is the largest automobile dealership in the state of New York.

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