Tips for Fleet vehicle maintenance

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Regular Fleet vehicle maintenance is a key factor to run successful transport business. Maintained trucks always boost the performance of the engine and lower the risks of machinery breakdown. At Limo bus Truck Fleet, our professional truck repair experts strive hard to help the truck owners to make your truck damage free for a long time. Our experienced mechanics take utmost care of your truck. If you care about your truck then visit us for regular vehicle maintenance to prevent the possibilities of being stuck in the odd situation. Also, ignoring it may leave you with one or the other kind of loss.


Proper checking of every part of the vehicle is equally important. At our Commercial vehicle inspection stations, we assure you with the proper functioning of your vehicle and it's every important part.


Our regular commercial truck maintenance includes checking the engine oil which eliminates the possibility of mishap and improves fuel efficiency. The engine is the heart of every vehicle. Our dedicated vehicle support will help you to maintain your engine’s health and ensure proper working of it for long period.


Your automotive brakes are one of the most important mechanisms in your vehicle. They play a vital role in your safety. Proper maintenance and repairing of the brakes are essential for safety reasons. We help you to maintain the proper brake fluid level of your vehicle to avoid any inconvenience in future.


A large number of us don’t understand the significance of proper wheel alignment of vehicles.  The appropriate wheel alignment will lower the risk and increase the mileage of truck. The engine burns less fuel with proper wheel alignment. We do a proper alignment and suspension repair which will improve your driving experience and gives you a proper command on handling.


From basic truck maintenance to complete Box Truck Repair, we provide the comprehensive vehicle care. We work in a manner that our client is completely satisfied by our services. Customer satisfactions are always our preference. We charge a genuine price for everything.  We are popular in Copiague, New York due to our quick and reliable customer service. We have served thousands of customers in our years of service. At Limo Bus Truck Fleet, we understand that your fleet is a major investment, and that is why we care for our each customer from the depth of our heart.



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