'Huge!' commercials get into people's heads

by Billy Fuccillo on Mar 8, 2017 ROOT 372 Views

Since opening Fuccillo Kia of Cape Coral in late 2010, the New York state megadealer has become a media sensation in town -- not always beloved, but definitely on consumers' minds and in their ears.

Fuccillo's hulking 6-foot-4-inch, 270-pound frame reaches out of two-page newspaper spreads. He strides powerfully through TV commercials that run day and night, promising to give away cars. He stands on his sales lot in sunglasses with arms raised heavenward, bellowing about "huge!" deals and "huge!" savings. In many of the spots, he is accompanied by a young blonde who is never identified, causing consumers to write in asking the dealership who she is.

Just try to get away from Billy Fuccillo in Florida's Fort Myers-Cape Coral market. He won't let you.

In an era that is tilting toward soft-spoken sales pitches and Internet-based social-media relationship marketing, Fuccillo is blowing it out like a brass band. He is everywhere in Cape Coral, running TV spots that seem to flow back-to-back from station to station. Consumers follow his commercials like a reality TV show, even if they don't want to buy a new car.
His commercials have spawned YouTube parodies, and the dealership sometimes runs its own bloopers on late-night TV. The spots themselves are all over YouTube; a sampler of Fuccillo giving his trademark "huge" is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXRaboSo70A.




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Billy Fuccillo

Billy Fuccillo is president of fuccillo automotive group Syracuse New York . Fuccillo Automotive Group is the largest automobile dealership in the state of New York.

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