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Good content is not only interesting but it can also serve to boost traffic to a website, promote a product or entertain others and boost your profile as an online article genius. Rather than send out copies of your work simply send your readers to to see your content.

Of course it is not easy but you have to start somewhere!  Once you have your content uploaded now is the time to take to social media, be proud of your new baby, post links on facebook and twitter and see your popularity grow.

You can upload images with your article and of course include a link to your website or blog, but be sure to use the link tab to avoid having your article deleted. When uploading consider these points.


1. Is my article interesting?


2. Is my article a blatant advert - if so don't upload it!


3. Is my article to do with sexual performance - We don't want it thanks!


4. We don't like hate, racism or discrimination or profanity (rude words)- So DO NOT upload this type of content.


We monitor our content so please - no more Viagra posts, we have just deleted several :) We do this to ensure quality so you can be certain that your article is amongst good company.

Once you are good to go upload and start thinking about your next article. Each month we reward those who submit quality content - Leon and Skylar both won prizes worth $100 so it is worth thinking about.


Hope to see your content soon.




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